aspects for sale

Subject: aspects for sale
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 11:49:31 EST

Think of selling your Caching aspect that you write
in this weeks hw. :-)

In general, an aspect can only be sold if it
is not too polluted with dynamic call graph or
class graph information. Flow constructs (cflow,
traversals) help in this respect.

If you have enterpreneurial spirit, AOP might offer some
nice business opportunities.

-- Karl

>From Wed Jan 30 11:12:17 2002
>I have been working with AspectJ for about eight months now. Is there any
>businesses being started that are using Aspects as part of their core
>offering? In other words, has AspectJ inspired anyone to start a new
>company on their own? I think it is inspiring me to do so, I'm curious if
>others feel the same.
>I'm interested in starting a business that provides 'off the shelf' Aspects
>that can be purchased and configured via a GUI interface for use in existing
>and new software projects. The business model involves selling an Aspect
>Configuration tool, and licenses to individual aspects that offer
>configurable solutions to common and not so common cross-cutting concerns
>that can be immediately used in a project.
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