Reminder: Demeter Seminar

Subject: Reminder: Demeter Seminar
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 09:10:36 EST


Demeter Seminar
Friday, Jan. 24, 10 - 12 am
149 Cullinane Hall
For Jan. 25, 2002

One talk and one discussion topic:

Speaker: Doug Orleans
Incremental Programming With Extensible Decisions

Preview of PL Day talk and his talk at the First
Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Design.

Discussion topic: From Demeter to AspectJ

2002 is the 10 year anniversary of the first publication
on Adaptive Programming. The join point model back
then was simpler: we had only method call join points
and control to select method calls within specific method bodies.
And a key restriction was that the join points were in

AspectJ has generalized this basic join point model
to arbitrary user-written
method calls and other kinds of join points (like field accesses).
To facilitate the expression of sets of join points
AspectJ uses another Demeter technique: structure-based
wildcards. A structure-based wildcard selects succinctly a subset
of nodes in a graph. Two AspectJ examples are:
(1) A+ (modulo a class graph) selects all
subclasses of a class. (2) cflow(A) (modulo a call graph) selects
all join points reachable from A.

We will discuss how the join points needed in DemeterJ
are expressed in AspectJ and we will discuss what else
from the Demeter experience should be added to AspectJ.

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