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This course COM 3362 (Advanced Object-Oriented Systems) initially had COM 3360 (Adaptive Object-Oriented Software Development) as only prerequisite. Since COM 3230 (Object-Oriented Design) was introduced into the curriculum, it makes sense to enlarge the audience for COM 3362 and require as prerequisite either COM 3360 (Adaptive Object-Oriented Software Development) or COM 3230 (Object-Oriented Design).

The overall theme of the course is to explore various approaches to lift object-oriented software development to higher levels of abstraction and to explore how the ideas can be used today using Java technology and UML (Unified Modeling Language) and XML (the mother of mark-up languages).

The course has no textbook; instead we use selected papers many of them reachable on the Web.

The course will consist of lectures. Advanced students may want to give a lecture that relates to their work and the course topic or on papers related to the course.

The requirements for the course will consist of homework solutions that are part of a a bigger project. Advanced students may suggest a project of their own. There is probably no exam in the course but that depends on the size of the class.

The course is geared towards both practitioners who want to learn about the latest state-of-the-art to help them in their software development work _and_ towards Ph.D. students who want to explore advanced object-oriented software technologies.