Programming Assignment III


November 23, at the start of class time: 6 p.m.


PART 1 is from Professor Solomon, modified by Professor Casey. You only do one scheduling algorithm: Exponential Queues (Version 1).


A simple web tool using various operating system services.

Use your expertise from hw 1 and hw 2 to write a web watching tool. You are interested in a set of URL's and you would like to be notified by email whenever they change. Keep the current version of those URL contents local and check them x times per day, where x is a program constant. Check for differences using the UNIX diff command. When there is a difference, include the difference in the email message along with the URL that has changed.

Use the web scripting tool from hw 2 to try multiple times to retrieve a page. Run the UNIX diff command as you learned in hw 1.


You turn in your solution by sending mail to com3336-grader as described in hw 1 and 2. Turn in your Java files (no class files!) and a transcript.