Operating Systems (COM 3336)

Instructor: Karl Lieberherr
Office hours: Tue. 9:15am-12:00 noon
Room: 237 CN

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Running Java at CCS. Ignore the second part about Demeter/Java.

Home page of OS course of Marvin Solomon who developed the course material

Short Description

This course introduces the student to the basic techniques of operating systems, including low-level algorithms as well as hardware and software organizations.

Operating systems are, besides programming language compilers, the most widely reused software artifacts. It is useful to study them not only to have a basic knowledge how a computer works, but also to learn how to develop reusable software.

I have used Java for teaching already since 1996 and therefore, we use Java also in this course. Another reason for using Java is that Java with its libraries is an OS.

Because Operating Systems is a stable subject (compared to software development methodology that is in constant flux), the key material has been taught many times and we are going to reuse teaching material from Professor's Solomon's class at the University of Wisconsin. Professor Solomon owns the copyright for all class material in /course/com3336, including the derivative works.