AspectJ Setup and Usage at CCS


In order to be able to use the AspectJ compiler and tools from your CCS account you need to first complete the following steps:
  1. Add /proj/demsys/demjava/packages/aspectj1.0.6/bin to your PATH environment variable
  2. Add /proj/demsys/demjava/packages/aspectj1.0.6/lib/aspectjrt.jar to your CLASSPATH environment variable.

Testing your Setup

To test your setup for AspectJ type the following at your shell prompt:

ajc -version

To compile a bunch of Java files use ajc *.java

To find out about how AspectJ compiles the code, use ajc -preprocess *.java and inspect the ajworkingdir directory.

For information on compiler options as well as AspectJ in general visit The AspectJ Web Page