Code walk instructions

Subject: Code walk instructions
From: Jamie Raymond (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 17:23:28 EDT

Code walkers,

Here's the official code walk announcement along with some specific
instructions. The evaluation criteria will be posted to the newsgroup
later tonight.


Congratulations! You have been selected for a Com1205 code walk for Project 2, to be held on Wednesday, April 10, in class. If there isn't enough time to conduct all code walks on Wednesday, you may have to present on Friday. All members of your team must be prepared to present your code at the appointed time.

For your presentation you may choose to use the classroom's computer or bring your own laptop. As posted on the newsgroup, your submission must run properly on, or on your own laptop if you choose to bring one.

You will be expected to provide a quick demo of your virtual gallery and your submitted solution at the beginning of your presentation. For the remainder of the presentation, you will present your solution, in the editor of your choice. Make sure that the editor of your choice supports large fonts (~18 pt.) You must present the solution that you submitted, with the sole exception of re-breaking your lines of code to work well with 18pt fonts.

Please see the newsgroup for evaluation criteria for code walks. They are based on Matthias's presentation in class (today) on April 9th.

Good luck,

your com1205 staff

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