Late policy for the project

Subject: Late policy for the project
From: John Sung (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 19:49:06 EST

The late policy for the final has been determined to
be this:

Any project submitted after Sunday night at 11:59pm
will not be graded.

You may submit only once. Otherwise, it would take me
forever to figure out which submission I should be
grading if everyone submitted multiple times.

One submission per group. Make sure both of your names
are in the readme file and on the report.

10% penalty for submission on Saturday night by

20% penalty for submission on Sunday night by 11:59pm.

You should submit a written report to my mail box or
to Prof. Lieberherr's office by Monday. If you won't
be on campus or can not get to the mail box or Prof.
Lieberherr's office, you may submit via blackboard.
Make sure that you use Send file, instead of add file

To make your decisions about handing in late consider
this grading scheme:

90% Project Program
  20% class dictionary for traversals with out class
  30% able to output generated traversal code for
simple traversals
  10% able to parse the class graph decls and defs
  20% able to generate traversal on class graph slice
  5% able to parse the traversals with class graphs
  5% able to handle the command line arguments as

10% Write up
  4% for class graph
  4% for strategies documented
  1% for evaluation of TraversalJ
  1% for reason for use of the Factory Pattern


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