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Subject: RE: About the Project
From: John J. Sung (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 09:47:57 EST

This is not a problem with your code. I ran this on my win98 machine and the
output in the addendum is different. The one with call to Orange.t2() is
also a correct output. More complete output would have been with the
Orange.t2() and Fruit.t2() call, but this is caused by the AspectJ compiler
and not with your code. So, this won't be taken into consideration when the
project is graded.

As long as the call to Orange.t2() or Fruit.t2() is shown, the solution will
receive full credit.


hi John,
    My project is almost working.
    However, following the instructions on "Testing Addendum2", I got a
different Output from running BasketMain with generated traversal.
Mine is

call(void Basket.t2())
call(void Basket.t2_crossing_f())
call(void Orange.t2())
call(void Fruit.t2_crossing_w())
call(void Weight.t2())

while in the handout it is

call(void Basket.t2())
call(void Basket.t2_crossing_f())
call(void Fruit.t2())
call(void Fruit.t2_crossing_w())
call(void Weight.t2())

can it be a problem of my code?
My generated is exactly the same as in the handout.

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