Class Dict. question

Subject: Class Dict. question
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 14:08:39 EST

Prof. Lieberherr, here is my code for the Traversal Specification Parser, file



ProcessTraversal =
        <defaultCG> List(ClassGraph)
        <cg1> List(ClassGraph) =
        new ClassGraph(defaultCG, "from * bypassing {java.lang.String} to *")
        <t1> List(traversal) = "from CompoundFile to SimpleFile"
        <t2> List(traversal(cg1)) = "from CompoundFile to **".

Am I on the right track with the two traversals, which are under declaration? Is it necessary to write CDs for ClassGraph and traversal, or I take it they're within what's under Import?

Josh Fine

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