RE: Project question

Subject: RE: Project question
From: John Sung (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 22:20:18 EST


Yes, there can be 0 or more class graph declarations and 0 or more traversal
declarations. There can also be 0 or more .trv files. And yes again to the
second question, you should have some some type of list for all of these
declarations. However, there is no order constraints, i.e. there can be
traversal declaration followed by traversal declarations. But, there should
be some type of error if traversal declaration specifies a class graph and
it's not defined.


Subject: Project question

Hi John,
I am just starting the project and have a question about the .trv
file. Are the 2 ClassGraphs in the beginning of the .trv file
standard. Will there ever be just one ClassGraph? Will there ever
be,say,5? Should I just make a semicolon delimited list of ClassGraphs here
accommidate 1 to many ClassGraphs? That makes the most sense to me. I
would guess the same for the traversals. Am I right about this?

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