RE: Compiler error - ajc

Subject: RE: Compiler error - ajc
From: John Sung (
Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 15:26:52 EST

Please check your classpath to make sure that it also sets the paths to
aspectjrt.jar and aspectjtools.jar.

You might have to even set the java to the particular version, i.e. j2sdk
1.3.0 beta.

Forgot to mention that in the writeup.

You may put this in your .cshrc/.tcshrc if you use csh or tcsh. I haven't
tried it with .software, but it should work.

# set paths for java and demeterj
setenv JAVALOC /arch/unix/packages/j2sdk1_3_0beta
setenv DEMETERJ /proj/demsys/demjava
setenv ASPECTJ /proj/demsys/demjava





I received the following error upon running "demeterj" to compile my TraversalJ program:

Running the compiler... /proj/demsys/demeterj/bin/ajc:/arch/unix/packages/j2sdk1_3_Obeta/bin/java: not found Aborting, compiler exited with error value 1.

Looking at it quickly, it seems as though something is going wrong with the ajc Compiler.

I included the following statement in my .prj file: COMPILER = ajc

Do I need to make any additional changes to account for ajc or include another PATH in my .software file?


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