Re: homework 5 extension and project

Subject: Re: homework 5 extension and project
From: John Sung (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 19:07:40 EST

A little clarification on the extension. Because,
we're running out of time for this quarter and we want
you to work on the project which is worth many more
points than a part of a homework, the late penalty
will start on Saturday. However, learning the
concepets in those homeworks are important. So, you
should atleast know how to do it.

Remember that a sucessful project completion is
cruicial in doing well in class. While, not completing
part 4 of homework 5 will only set you back maybe 25%
of homework 5, which is about one fifth of all
homeworks, which is worth only one fifth of the grade.
If you do the math, part 4 is only worth 1% of your
grade, while your project is worth 40% of your grade.
Now, which one would you prefer to work on?

So, try to practice making good trade-offs for your
time and on the project.

Again, if you did not complete the homework 5 on-time,
I strongly suggest that you see me or Prof. Lieberherr
about how you're going to do the project to make sure
that you have a good approach in doing the project.
You souldn't find your self figuring out how to do the
project couple of days before it's due.


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