late homework

Subject: late homework
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 21:37:26 EST

You are encouraged to turn in late homework for partial credit.
What is important is that you learn the material and
get feedback on your work.

Late homeworks will be graded up to one week after the due date
and maybe longer.

Extensions for homeworks have been given in a very few
cases for several days of sickness or for family problems.
It is important that we keep the flow of work going so that we
can get the important material covered.

The project will be presented on Monday. It will require
the skills from hw 1 -5, especially of hw 4.

John Sung puts comments into your answers that are helpful
for learning the material. Still several of you have not
picked up their homework although I brought it several times to class.
Please pay more attention to his feedback.

-- Karl

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