Re: Midterm Exam

Subject: Re: Midterm Exam
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 14:43:07 EST

Hi Janna:

Yes, we can arrange that.

Does anyone have objections to postponing the COM 1205
midterm to Thursday Feb. 14?

-- Karl

>I had a question about the Midterm exam that you have scheduled for next
>Tuesday. I have two midterm exams (PHY1223, ECE1178) and a paper
>(SOC1438) already scheduled for that day. All of those midterms were
>rescheduled to this comming Tuesday from this week due to power failure
>last Thursday, so teachers are very inflexible in rescheduling those
>midterm exams to later dates because they have already been postponed a
>week. Also most of the students in your COM1205 class have one or two
>exams scheduled on that date because most of us take the same
>Could you please postpone the exam until Thrusday, because it would be
>impossible to take three exams and complete a 6 page paper on one day. I
>have already talked to my other professors and they felt that postponing
>their midterm exams again (the first time they were postponed due to power
>failure) would interfere with the curriculum too much. Could you please
>be sympathetic.

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