RE: Running program in Linux

Subject: RE: Running program in Linux
From: Seth Gregory (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 15:58:34 EST


The syntax is:
* javac
* java YourClassFile
After you compile it (using javac) it will create a file with an
extension .class -- when you run it, just use "java" and the class file
name (don't include the .class extension)
So if I did "javac" it would create Main.class, and to run it
I would type "java Main"
Hope this helps,
Seth Gregory
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Subject: Running program in Linux
I finally got access to a Linux client, and I'd like to know how to run
a program. I'm aware of the command javac file, but I could use a
reminder: does that actually run the program as well?

Josh Fine

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