homework 1AB cardinality

Subject: homework 1AB cardinality
From: John Sung (john_j_sung@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 11:18:09 EST

We have investigated the default cardinality of has-a relationships for
class diagrams in UML and there's no official "default" for the cardinality
or mutiplicity of has-a relationships. Looking at the Figure 4-1 on page 50
of "UML Distilled Second Edition", it says that multiplicity is mandatory.

Since, Prof. Lieberherr said that it defaults to one, we concluded that
we'll give back 3 points for people who got -5 points for it. We wanted to
be fair to the people who did have the cardinalities.

This will be on an honor system and you can send me e-mail if you got -5
points for cardinality.


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