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Subject: RE: HW1: all those classes...
From: John Sung (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 23:48:15 EST

The main point of this homework is to:

o Learn how to draw UML Class Diagrams
o Learn how to reverse engineer java programs and basic java syntax
o Introduction to java implementation of visitor pattern

As the homework suggests:

Start your reverse engineering effort with file
Most of the organization of this file is described in file

So, you should start from and follow the is-a and has-a
relationships from that class. Incidentally, the files related to parsing is
not relevant to the main point of this homework as listed above, so you may
skip those, i.e. files with parse or token in their filename. However, you
should read
ENTS.txt as suggested in the homework webpage to gain understanding of
what's generated for you by DemeterJ.


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Subject: HW1: all those classes...

        A quick question about part A of hw1 - are we supposed to create
class diagrams for all the helper classes in binary-tree/gen, or just
for the main classes (Tree, Label, etc)?

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