COM 1205 Resources, Winter 2001

To be distributed in hardcopy to the class by Gnomon Copy, 325 Huntington Avenue (617) 536 4600 (as well as available online)

DJ package.
Abstract Slicing Case Study.
Abstract Slicing Pattern.

From AP book:
Chapters 1 to 5 of AP Book.
Two Chapters on Class Dictionaries in AP Book.
Chapter 8 of AP Book.

From DemeterJ User's Guide:
Class dictionaries.
Traversal Strategies.
Generated Visitors.

Additional Resources (only available online)

Complete AP Book.
Java Tutorial.
Java for C++ Programmers.
Using the AP book with DJ.

The following are DemeterJ related: after the third week of classes:
Using the AP book with DemeterJ .
Using the AP book with DJ .
XML Schema Primer.

Instructor's Home page, Professor Karl Lieberherr.

Course homepage:

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