The Demeter/Java "Testing 1" Project

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For more information on the Demeter system and Adaptive Programming (AP), visit Demeter's WWW Home. They provide you with the necessary information for understanding this project.

This project is small part of a larger effort to build Demeter/Java from Demeter/C++. Johan Ovlinger, the course teaching assistant, has a list of other COM1205 projects being done this quarter.

Information At-A-Glance

To convert testing software from the Demeter/C++ system to the Demeter/Java system. A more complete description is available in Demeter's WWW site. Our home-brewed project description can be found here, as well.
Phase II is complete; you may check out the phase summary in the table below. Phase III is now underway.

Tracking the "Testing 1" Project

All COM1205 projects are split into three phases, each one to be completed and submitted for grading in one week. Since this project simply involves translating software from Demeter System/C++ to DemJava, each member of the group will translate roughly three programs each, one per week. In the table below, each program to be translated is listed under the phase in which it is expected to be completed.

Workload for the "Testing 1" Project
(Amit Gulaya) (Mario Andacic) (Chris Saia)
Phase I
(Due 25 Feb, 1997)
(j-c-fruit-basket-em) (j-c-bypassing3) (j-c-lotus)
Phase II
(Due 4 Mar, 1997)
(j-c-all-kps) (j-c-bypassing4)
Phase III
(Due 11 Mar, 1997)
(j-c-empty-methods-select) (j-c-sem-check-wrinkle
(j-c-associated j-c-superclass)

COM1205 "Testing 1" Project
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