Team CD-Draw



To create a user friendly Graphical User Interface application that will allow the user to easily create a class dictionary file from a drawing UML Diagram. This will make the creation of the class diagram more visually appealing while allowing the user to graphically describe the class dictionary with the drawing program.

Our team will enhance the current CD-DRAW program that has been developed by past classes by adding new features and correcting the current problems in the existing program.

This project is the continuation of the project worked on in the Fall of 1996 in COM 3360. Currently, further additions to the program are being implemented by the below team members under the guidance of Professor Karl Lieberher.

The Team Members:

David J. Boatwright -

Kevin M. Carlson -

Fred DiPrizito -


 Kedar Patankar -

Stages of Development


Date to be Completed

Description of Phase

Phase 1

February 25, 1997

Implement scrollbars on the pallete

Phase 2

March 4, 1997

Implement a textual UML viewer

Phase 3

March 11, 1997

See page for details

Other Information

During our project we used cvs for our revision control system. For more information click here.

Any comments or suggestions can be mailed to any of the members of the CD-Draw Team.