FW: Demeter Seminar: XAspects

Subject: FW: Demeter Seminar: XAspects
From: Karl Lieberherr (lieber@ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 07 2003 - 07:07:49 EDT

Sorry for the late notice. A continuation of COM 1205
for those who are interested.

-- Karl L.

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Subject: Demeter Seminar: XAspects

Demeter Seminar

Monday 10am - 12 noon
149 Cullinane Hall

April 7, 2003

Topic: XAspects by M. Shonle and A. Shah and K. Lieberherr
       Presentation by K. Lieberherr


The vision behind XAspects is that each major application domain
needs both a set of cooperating domain-specific languages and a set of
cooperating aspect-specific languages to optimally express the
programs in that domain. XAspects provides infrastructure to
define multiple class dictionaries that share classes to define
multiple views using domain-specific languages and, more
importantly, it defines infrastructure to define new aspect-specific

It could be argued that it is not feasible to introduce many
little aspect languages that the programmers have to work with. But the
inherent complexity of a project probably requires that the programmers
address the issues of composition of aspect languages anyway so why
not do that through a conscious language design that addresses the
aspect composition issues systematically. Without such an approach,
the programmers will have to do this at the lower level of a general
purpose aspect language.

XAspects translates all class dictionaries and aspect-specific languages
to AspectJ and uses AspectJ as the weaving engine. Currently,
XAspects builds heavily on DAJ
and supports the Class Dictionary aspect (.cd) and the Traversal aspect
for programming traversal-related concerns. The synchronization
aspect (COOL) has also been added in projects and a design for marshalling
and remote invocation (RIDL) has been done.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages
of XAspects and to identify topics that need to be addressed to make
XAspects more useful.

-- Karl

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