From: Mr. Donatus Okoro (d_okoro@netzero.com)
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 08:44:42 EST

Mr. Donatus Okoro
Plot 21, Akara Street, Ikeja, Lagos.
Tel. No. 234-803-4702392

Dear sir,

 My reason of writing you is to establish a business relationship with you. Equally I want to introduce to you a business I have at hand which I sincerely believe will be beneficial to both of us. Because of the poor state of our three petroleum refineries, I was made the Chairman of the Tenders Board Committee for the Turn Around Maintenance of our the refineries immediately we return to civilian government in 1999. However, I used my position to organize a successful deal during the contract pricing. I carried it out meticulously in that I had on my own inflated the contract value to the tune of US$35,000,000.00 (Thirty Five Million United States Dollars). This contract has been fully and excellentlyexecuted. The Contractor have just received a final payment of US$150,000,000.00. The whole contact was worth US$870 Million. The US$35M which is now remaining oroutstanding is mine and the procedure is that it must be paid into a foreign account since a foreign company execu
ted the contract. I need your collaboration and assistance to make this work out well. Civil servants here are not allowed by law to operate a foreign account and I donot even have the capacity. What I want you to do for me now is to provide me the needed assistance to remit this money abroad. I want you to provide me the need assistance and bank account into which the money will be paid. Note that this business is between me and you. It is risk-free and straight-forward. I want you to furnish me with a good and active bank account that will receive this sum. I need a company’s name and address that I will use to apply for the money as the beneficiary. I vow to give you 25% of the US$35 Million for your efforts. We shall set aside 5% to cover the expenses we may incur collectively in processing the payment. This means that any expenses from both sides(either collectively or individually) will be deducted first of all before we take our percentages. I want you tonote that this bu
siness is very confidential. I hope you will be honest to me. If we apply for the fund, process it and receive all necessary approvals, the money can be remitted from Central Bank of Nigeria directly or from its affiliates in Europe. As soon as I hear from you, I will give you further break down of the procedure. Note that you will also help me to invest the money in your country while I use part of it to contest coming election. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and God bless.

Your truly Mr. Donatus Okoro

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We shall get all documents legalizing the remittance into your account and this will attest to the fact that this money is legal and not from drug, money laundering or money meant for terrorism. Your line or area of business does not matter in this transaction. I am hopeful that you will justify this confidence I have reposed on you. If you are interested, send to me (1) the name and address of your company which I will use to apply for the money as the beneficiary. You can open a new account for it if you like (2) your company name and address which I will use to apply for the money. Your personal name and address can be used. (3) Your private telephone and fax number for communication between us. This is a golden opportunity. My friend just remitted the sum of $40m though he was betrayed by the person that helped him hence I am begging for your honesty since good name is better than silver and gold. God will bless you.

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