help from a similar project

Subject: help from a similar project
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Thu Nov 21 2002 - 09:29:17 EST

To the COM1205 software designers and developers

To give you further ideas about how to structure your design and
how to write your code, you are encouraged to peek into
an open source project on SourceForge (see below), called DAJ.

Note that DAJ is DIFFERNT from your project TraversalJ. Even the input
language is different. But the two are sufficiently SIMILAR
so that you can benefit from studying DAJ.

Some of you are already done with their project: in this case look at
DAJ as a source of ideas to improve your design or to defend your
design against.

Also note that DAJ makes heavy use of DemeterJ. Most of you probably
use DJ to write traversals. But the syntax is sufficiently similar.

If you find a bug in DAJ during your explorations, let me and Pengcheng Wu
Doug Orleans know immediately.

In your project paper you need to mention which ideas you took from DAJ.
Maybe your answer is: none.

-- Karl

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To: Karl Lieberherr

The best place to look is

Click on the revision numbers to see the actual files.

If you want to compile your own copy, the best thing to do is to use
anonymous CVS to check out a copy:

    mkdir daj; cd daj

    cvs login

    (Press the enter key when it asks for your password.)

    cvs -z3 co src

    (This creates a "src" subdirectory in the current directory.
    Eventually there will be more modules besides "src", for example

These instructions are also at

Once you've set up a CVS checkout, periodically run

    cvs update -d

in that directory to get updated versions.


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