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Subject: your project/final
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 23:22:12 EST

The final for COM 1205 is on Wednesday, 8 am 33 SL.

Here is again the description of what to turn in.
(This was already in the project description.)

Stelios is preparing a test suite of class dictionaries.
Your programs will be invoked with:

java Main < test1.input
java Main < test2.input
java Main < test3.input

in your gen/classes directory. If you use a different set-up
(e.g. your main() is not in class Main),
please indicate this clearly at the beginning of your

The output from your programs will be inspected manually.
And of course, we will check how understandable and structure-shy
your programs are.


If you worked in a group of two or maybe three:

To get additional input regarding the grade for your project,
I would like you to evaluate your peer. Please answer the following
questions in the last week of the quarter, put the
answers into an envelope into my mailbox or bring it to the final
or send it by email to me.


Your name:

Let's assume that the grade for your project is B. Which grade would you give
to each of the team members (including yourself)? Why?

The evaluation is confidential. It will serve as additional input
for assigning a grade.

For the purpose of grading your projects, and saving your assignment
code, please use a command such as:

chmod -R go+rx xy &

for the top directory which contains your project.
Make very sure that the top directory itself is accessible to me.

Include the following information in what you turn in
for your project: Put this information into file


and mail a copy to com3360-grader which will go to both stelios and lieber.

Your name:
Your host:
Account Number:
Project: (brief description)
Directory: (from where we can copy your software for reuse in future
            It should be in:

Credits: (from where did you reuse some of the software/ideas in your project?
          reuse is good as long as you give proper credit. Give directory
          names and name of person from which you used ideas.)

Class dictionary which you used.

Growth plans which you used.

Parts of your project which you would have developed further if
you had more time. Include a list of known bugs here.
(The more bugs you know, the better you have tested your project!)

Names of files where test inputs can be found.

Names of files where outputs can be found.

Include one interesting input/output pair in this file.

Include one interesting input/output pair where the behavior of
your program could be improved.

Any information which you think is useful to properly reuse your software.

Please answer the following questions:

Did you change the generated Java code?

If you had the privilege to have one of my Ph.D. students as host or
if you had interactions with the teaching assistant,
an evaluation of their performance would be welcome.

Also mention class members that you found helpful.

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