project status

Subject: project status
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 07:51:21 EST

Stelios Paparizos has checked your project directories
and evaluated them.

He found 10 passing projects, some with excellent
progress, and 10 projects with insufficent progress.
While some of you have made very good progress, others
are really behind the schedule. Please catch up as soon as possible.
We will do a second progress evaluation next week.

You should be in phase 4 at the moment.
And you need to leave your progress reports in:

Enclosed is again the schedule:

Due dates:
1. phase: Nov. 9, 2000
2. phase: Nov. 16, 2000
3. phase: Nov. 22, 2000 (Wednesday because of Thanksgiving)
4. phase: Nov. 30, 2000
5. phase: Dec. 6, 2000 (Wednesday because of Reading Day)
Final project: on day of final

After Dec. 6 you should focus on documenting your project and prepare
the software as described in:


-- Karl

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