Re: problems with hw4

Subject: Re: problems with hw4
From: Doug Orleans (
Date: Sun Oct 29 2000 - 11:35:09 EST

> At 20:35 27/10/2000, Jennifer Milligan wrote:
> >Prof Lieberherr:
> > I am having difficulty with demeterj for hw4. I have gotten all of
> > your files in the os directory, but when I attempt to run demeterj clean
> > followed by demeterj test it gets to the point of Running the test... and
> > then it hangs there forever. If I have a message printed before and then
> > after the call to parse(), only the message before gets outputted. I
> > have tried to work with this for several days now and have not found a
> > solution. Meanwhile, I am getting no work done on part 2 of homework
> > 4. Perhaps you can offer a solution to this problem? I am running on
> > WindowsME with all of the latest versions of the tool. The only change
> > that I made to your files was to change javacc to javacc.bat and
> > gen/classes to gen\classes in the os.prj file. I have been very
> > frustrated with my ability to get the tools to behave as expected.

Hi, sorry for not responding sooner. You're running into this bug,
from the BUGS file:

    ** "demjava test" on Windows doesn't see EOF

    If your program reads input from stdin, and you're on Windows 95 or
    NT, and you use "demjava test", your program will never get EOF on the
    input stream. You'll have to run your program directly, with
    something like

        jre -cp gen\classes;c:\demjava\demjava.jar <package>.Main

    replacing "c:\demjava" with wherever you installed Demeter/Java.

You'll also have to add rt.jar to the -cp list, and replace "jre" with
"java" (or whatever JVM executable you're using). An alternate
solution is to read from a file rather than from in = new[0]);
    Commands cs = Commands.parse(in);

and in your prj file:

    TEST_ARGS = os.input


Hope that helps. Note that this bug does not seem to occur on
Windows 2000, if you have access to that OS.


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