RE: Lab Guide

Subject: RE: Lab Guide
From: Doug Orleans (
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 17:19:03 EDT

Julian D. Marks writes:
> After installing DemeterJ v0.8.2, when I ran the LibrarySystem program
> (simply using the command 'demeterj' in the correct directory), it gives
> me the following error message
> : ' CreateProcess: javacc -OUTPUT_DIRECTORY:gen
> gen\Parser.jj error=2'
> The LibrarySystem.prj file looks ok, as it seems javacc is the default
> compiler now.

Please make sure that the .prj file has

    PARSEGEN = javacc.bat

if you're running on Windows, and

    PARSEGEN = javacc

if you're running on Unix. For some reason Runtime.exec() on Windows
requires the full file name for batch files, unlike .exe files where
you can leave off the extension.


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