Hello and Welcome!

This is a web page to describe some basic ideas behind my homework1.

The major of the program is based on Buss's paper. I have implemented two algorithms, which are Jacobian Transpose and Damped Least Squares. You can choose IK method in configuration by setting "ik_method" to 'transpose' or 'dsl'. For DSL method, you can also specify damped factor in "dsl_namda". Every time you change the configuration, you have to click "New Application" to start a new one. It's possible to change the config on the fly, but I don't have time to finish it.

How to Play:

The program has two modes, Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics. When you are clicking a joint of the robot, hold you mouse button and move your mouse, the joint should change while you move. This is Forward Kinematics mode. When you are click empty space, then you are in Inverse Kinematics mode. The robot will try to catch your mouse pointer before you release mouse button.

Programming Notes:

The program is written in JavaScript. I used jQuery for DOM manipulation and Sylvester for Matrix computation. You should be able to run this program on any browser supported HTML5 2D canvas. The developing browsers are Google Chrome 6 and Firefox 3.6.

Thanks for reading.

Liang Zhang