Associate Teaching Professor
Khoury College of Computer and Information Sciences
Spring 2020 teaching: DS2000 and CS5001

Women's Community of Code workshops: Feb 8th and Feb 22nd 2020! Please come and join us to learn some fun coding stuff, or let me know if you want to volunteer!

Professional Activities

Computer Science is for everybody. Whether you've been programming for fun since you were 5, or are just thinking about maybe signing up for your first comp sci class, you belong in this field.

I’m strongly committed to supporting women and other underrepresented groups in STEM. Here's what I'm currently up to:

Northeastern University Align Program. In Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, I taught CS5001, an accelerated comp sci intro class. I'm excited to be part of the Align program, which enables students from a diversity of backgrounds to make the transition to a technology career.

Women's Community of Code -- Prof. Ben Hescott and I organize workshops, along with a cohort of absoultely amazing teachers and volunteers, to teach coding, confidence, and creativity to girls and women. We host separate workshops for girls (ages 10-16) and women (ages 18+). Workshops are always fun, educational, and beginner-friendly.

Women's Community of Code, November 2017
SMASH -- a three-year residential college prep program that empowers students to deepen their talents and pursue STEM careers. Soon coming to Khoury College!

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing -- I mostly review Aspirations in Computing awards for high school and college. Sometimes I also help organize the annual event to recognize local outstanding young women in tech.

MAGIC Mentors -- I'm mentoring a young woman who is building software for the visually impaired (to be used at pedestrian crossings, navigating grocery stores, stuff like that). She's much smarter than I am and it's exciting to be a part of her journey.

If you're at the intersection of social change and computer science, count me as your ally and friend -- and please drop me an email so we can work on things together!

Research and Industry:

My research interests are parallel and out-of-core computing. My Ph.D. dissertat ion project was a piece of middleware that made efficient parallel programs more efficient and easier to write, especially for programmers who are not experts in parallel computing.

From grad school, I went into industry. I was a senior software engineer for's search team, at their A9 subsidiary in Palo Alto. I worked on all kinds of projects related to search, including the spelling correction engine, query completion, generating synonyms, and many more.

After Amazon, I was Product Director for an international nonprofit organization called TechSoup Global. The organization was just starting to build their software engineering team when I came on board, and we built software for social change instigators all over the world.

I also tried to launch a start-up in 2013, which was an almost-immediate failure. Our start-up had a side business to bring in some extra money -- and the side business was a food truck (oh and btw, I don't cook). It was quite an adventure. Here I am talking about my truck at Ignite Memphis in 2014.


My first exposure to computer science came my freshman year of college, when I randomly signed up for the intro class. I ended up majoring in it, and going on to grad school, because I loved it... but mostly because I had an amazing teacher. Now, my whole goal in life is to try to be that teacher for someone else.

My husband and I both had "non-traditional" college experiences. We went to college after we got married (me in my twenties, Tom in his forties), and while holding down regular jobs. So if you ever feel like you came to computer science "late," I am right there with you. And it doesn't matter -- I belong here, and so do you.

Tom has a comic book podcast that's probably really good, but comics aren't my thing so I don't really listen to it. We have a mixed marriage -- I'm a vegan, he's a meat-eater -- which makes us an absolute delight to dine out with.

Tom and me in Alaska!

I run with a local running group in my neighborhood, the Dorchester Running Club. I've run a handful of marathons, including the MOST FUN EVER 2018 Millinocket Marathon, which didn't charge a registration fee but encouraged all the runners to go and spend money to support the small town of Millinocket. In my experience, runners are about the most friendly and welcoming group of people you'll find in any community.

Dorchester Running Club
With the Dorchester Running Club, September 2018

PS here is a picture of my dog, Tugboat.

Tugboat Strange