Research Profile for Kenneth Paul Baclawski

Professor Baclawski's primary research area is data semantics. This includes research in the Semantic Web, formal methods for software engineering and software modeling, and data semantics in biology and medicine. He has been active in this area for over 30 years.

Professor Baclawski has over 10 patents. He has over 250 peer-reviewed publications, and more than 340 publications in all. He has been a Northeastern University faculty member for over 25 years.


Selected list of publications

Some recent publications:

  1. K. Baclawski and M. Pizzo. OData: Competitor or Contributor?. In International Semantic Web Conference. (November, 2012) [pdf]
  2. K. Baclawski, E. Chan, L. Dragan, P. Durusau, D. Lee, P. Yim and Y. Yin. ICOM: A Framework for Integrated Collaborative Work Environments. WISE 2011 and 2012 Combined Workshops, LNCS 7652:147-158. Springer, Heidelberg. (2013)
  3. L. Dragan, K. Baclawski, E. Chan, P. Durusau and D. Lee. ICOM: A Framework for Integrated Collaborative Work Environments, Part 2. (2013)
  4. F. Neuhaus, A. Vizedom, K. Baclawski, M. Bennet, M. Dean, M. Denny, M. Grüninger, A. Hashemi, T. Longstreth, L. Obrst, S. Ray, R. Sriram, T. Schneider, M. Vegetti, M. West and P. Yim. Ontology Summit 2013 Communiqué. Applied Ontology. See also the Russian translation in "Ontology of Designing" Vol. 2 No. 8 pp 66-74. ISSN 2223-9537, 2013. (June, 2013)
  5. K. Baclawski. Relationships between the biomedical terminology used by clinicians and medical test measurement results in intensive care units. In Critical Data: Secondary Use of Big Data from Critical Care. Poster presentation. (January 7, 2014)

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