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Query Responses.

A query response structure is somewhat more complex than the structure for a content label because there will generally be several responses to a given query, and it is necessary to specify the query that is being answered using a given query response packet.

  1. Message type specifier. This specifies that this structure contains a query response.
  2. Response count. This is the number of responses that were generated by the query.
  3. Response rank. This the sequence number of the response within the list of all responses to one query in order by their salience with the first response being the one judged to be most salient.
  4. Weight. This is a measure of the salience of the response. Normally this will be expressed as a real number between 0 and 1. To store this number in an integer field, it is multiplied by a denominator (such as 1,000,000) that is specified in the ontology.
  5. Source identifier. This is the source-generate query identifier from the original query.
  6. Engine identifier. This is the engine-generated identifier from the original query.
  7. Keynet structure. See above for this structure.
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