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Query Structure.

The query structure is used to send queries to a KEYNET search engine. This same structure is also used within the search engine for sending queries from one node to another. The query structure has the following structure:

  1. Message type specifier. The first field is used to specify to a KEYNET search engine that this packet contains a query or a part of one.
  2. Source internet number. This is the internet number of the internet node that originated the query. If this node sets this field to zero, then the engine will fill in its value.
  3. Source port number. This is the port number used to send the query. Like the internet number, if this is set to zero by the originator, then the search engine will fill in its value.
  4. Source identifier. This is a source-generated query identifier which may be used by the system that originates the query to distinguish its queries from each other. However, it does not distinguish queries originating from different locations.
  5. Engine identifier. This is an identifier supplied by the search engine that uniquely distinguishes queries from each other within the search engine.
  6. Keynet structure. See above for this structure.
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