Giant American Millipede

New and Improved (maybe)!

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    In 2006, I was chatting online with Brian Chan when I vowed that I would design a millipede to one-up his Scutigera centipede.  Over the next few months, the idea went from impossible to comprehendible.  In early 2007, I was contacted by the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem to fold one for the OrigamiNow! exhibit (June 2007- June 2008).  I soon found that this model is extremely taxing to fold. The version on the left took over one month to fold completely. Despite the painful folding process (repeat this step 187 times...), the millipede did seem to emerge gradually from my fingertips.

    Here is the crease pattern. It is based on a 150ths grid, and results in nearly 200 color-changed legs with antennae to boot.

    And, if you're impatient, here are the diagrams for the grid pre-creasing:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Once you finish that, just fold in the diagonal creases according to the crease pattern, collapse, and you're done. Easy, huh?


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