Project Report Outline

The following is the suggested outline for a software project report.

TitleName of the report It must be descriptive of the project that was completed but must also be succinct.
AuthorsThe authors and their email addresses List them in alphabetical order.
AbstractSuccinct summary of the report. It should never have citations or footnotes, and it should minimize the use of technical terminology.
IntroductionThe first section of the report. It serves to state the purpose and objectives of the project. Be careful to distinguish the goals that are achieved by the project, and the goals that motivate the project but were not actually achieved.
RequirementsThe requirements for the software being produced. The Use Case Description Ontology is designed for formally specifying requirements and can be used for this section.
DesignThe software design and rationales for the design. The design can be specified using UML diagrams. The design rationales and decisions are written in the accompanying text.
ImplementationDescription of the implementation. The implementation itself is not part of the report. This is where one specifies the programming language(s) used as well as other software and frameworks.
DiscussionThis section explains the results of the project in detail. Examples of how the software is used are important. This section should establish that the requirements were met. See the note below.
ConclusionSummarize the results of the project and the extent to which the goals (in the Introduction) were achieved. One can also mention further work suggested by this project.
ReferencesThe bibliography Try to use a standard bibliographic format.

Note: The Discussion section is actually several sections, each showing one example in detail. Each section should have a title appropriate to the example in that section.

The report should be an HTML document.