Project Proposal Format

The following is the outline for a project proposal.

TitleName of the project It must be descriptive of the project that was completed but must also be succinct.
AuthorsThe members of the project team and their email addresses. List them in alphabetical order.
SignificanceExplain the purpose and goals of the project. It is okay to include long-term goals that your project might be one step toward achieving. For example, a software tool might contribute to the goal of sending people to the moon.
DataDescribe what kind of data will be in your database. Every project must have a relational database.
InterfaceDescribe what kind of interface your software will have. The software interface could, for example, be an web service (preferably an OData web service) or be a GUI.
ApproachExplain how you plan to develop the project. You can specify the programming language(s) you plan to use as well as other software and frameworks. It is not necessary to be very specific at this point.
Your proposal should either be a text document or an HTML document.