CS5200 Database Management Systems Fall 2014

Course Website

To obtain your assignments and to submit your solutions, you need to use the new Database Management Systems Assignment Submission Website When you go to this site, your browser may complain about the certificate being untrusted. You need to either make a security exception or trust the certificate, depending on your browser. To check that the certificate is the correct one, view the certificate and compare one of the following fingerprints:

SHA-256 Fingerprint	AD 0C 64 5D F3 BD 84 E9 4B DD 32 8C B4 A7 04 42
                        63 27 91 08 27 BD 29 F5 5C EE 23 45 D5 26 63 1A
SHA-1 Fingerprint	8D 26 B8 53 05 62 31 F7 AE 80 E2 F9 CC AC 41 D2
                        8D 01 52 06

You will need a password for this site. To get a password, enter your email address below and click on "Get a new password". An email will be sent to you with a link that will allow you to select a password. If you forget your password, then just repeat this process to get another one.
Email Address:

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