Collaboration Tools Publications of Kenneth Paul Baclawski

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  2. B. Ulicny and K. Baclawski. New Metrics for Newsblog Credibility. In Proc. Intern. Conf. on Weblogs and Social Media. (March 26-28, 2007)
  3. S. Ray, P. Yim, F. Olken, K. Baclawski, D. Holmes, D. Bedford and S. Turnbull. Lessons Learned from Virtual Organizing for the Ontology Summit 2007. In Collaborative Expedition Workshop 63, Building the Way Forward Together: Towards Stable Meaning and Records Preservation in Information-Sharing. National Science Foundation. (July 17, 2007) [ppt]
  4. B. Ulicny, C. Matheus, M. Kokar and K. Baclawski. Use of Ontologies in Open-Source Blog Mining. In Ontology for the Intelligence Community. (November, 2007)
  5. T. Gordon, P. Yim, A. Cheyer, D. Bedford, P. Cassidy, K. Baclawski, D. Nickull and J. Glenn. Making Better Strategic Decisions by asking if it is going to get better or worse - The SOFI Method and the System to Implement it. OKMDS Mini-Series. (December 13, 2007) [pdf] [ppt]
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