CS 3200: Database Design

This course studies the design of a database for use in a relational database management system. The entity-relationship model and normalization will be used in example problems. Relational algebra and the SQL language will be presented. Advanced topics include triggers, stored procedures, indexing, elementary query optimization, and fundamentals of concurrency and recovery. Students will implement a database schema and short application programs on a commercial relational database management system.




Homework 1 due July 13, 2015

Homework 2 due July 21, 2015

Project Proposal due July 25, 2015

Homework 3 due July 29, 2015

Project Progress Report due August 14, 2015

Homework 4 due August 13, 2015


Final Project due August 21, 2015, front end code due the 22nd

NB:  Assignments are due at 11:59 on the due date. There will be a 10% penalty for each late day.


Homework 4 due date delayed to August 13, 2015


Link to Piazza discussion forum: https://piazza.com/northeastern/summer2015/cs3200/home

The class notes will be added to the syllabus before each class

Schedule for final projects: http://doodle.com/bccxg5nss86i7zpq

[7/27/2015] Homework 5 canceled, Midterm moved to 8/3/2015, Course lectures rearranged to reflect changes

[7/6/2015] First day of class




(Future lectures and events are tentative.)



Homeworks,  Readings and Comments

Jul 6

Introduction Chapter 1

Read Chapter 1 in textbook, Codd's paper

Jul 7

Entity Relational Model ERM

Read chapter 2; Optional: Chen’s E-R Model

Jul 8

Advanced ERM

Read Chapter 3,

Jul 9

Schema Refinement, Normal Form

Chapter 19

Jul 13

Relational Algebra Relational Calculus

Chapter 4 Homework 1 due

Jul 14


Chapter 5

Jul 15

SQL aggregation

Chapter 5; MySQL workbench user manual 

Jul 16

SQL triggers, IC & MySQL practicum

Chapter 5 At this point all students should have MySQL running on their local computer

Jul 20

Embedded SQL, Cursors

Chapter 6

Jul 21

Transactions, Serializability

Chapter 16,  17  Homework 2 due

Jul 22


Chapter 17  NOT section 17.5.2

Jul 23


Chapter 18; Project Proposal due

Jul 27

Storage I/O Model

Chapter 8, Chapter 9.1, ;

Jul 28

File Storage and RAID levels

Chapter 9

Jul 29

Hash-based Indexing

Chapter 11 Homework 3 due

Jul 30

Midterm review

Aug 3


Midterm in Class

Aug 4

Dynamic Hash-based, Tree-based Indexing  

Chapter  11.2-11.4, 10 Read “Organization and Maintenance of Large Ordered Indexes

Aug 5

 Tree-based Index Locking 

Chapter  17.5.2

Aug 6

Query Evaluation  

Chapter 12.1-12.3 , 14

Aug 10

External Sort, Query Evaluation cont.

Chapter 13, 14.1 – 14.3

Aug 11

Intro to Query Optimization

Chapter 15, Query Optimization paper

Aug 12

Mongo DB

Mongo DB user manual, ACM article on MongoDB

Aug 13

HyperDex, MapReduce

ACM Paper by Dean & Ghemawat; ACM paper by Escriver, Wong and Sirer

Homework 4 due

Aug 17

Review class  for final

Topics for the final exam covered; Review the papers on CAP

Aug 18

Project presentations

Final project due Aug 20th 

Aug 19

Project presentations

Final project due Aug 20th 

Aug 20

Project Presentations

Final project due Aug 20th 

Aug 25

Final Exam 

Behrakis Health Science Cntr 030 1:00 to 3:00 PM





Course Information

Instructor: Kathleen Durant

TA: Prashant Malladi

Lecture times: MTWR 1:30 - 3:10PM
Lecture location: SL 123


CS 2510 (CS U213)


Required Textbook

Other Recommended Textbooks


Classic Papers





·         JAVA JDBC Database Access

·         My SQL JAVA J Connector Manual

·         JDBC Tutorial by Maryam Aziz

Example connection code: DBDemo.java


Python and My SQL

Connecting to My SQL with Python by Maryam Aziz

      Example connection code: DBDemo.py

PHP and My SQL

Connecting to My SQL with PHP by Rohan Rayarikar


    NO SQL CAP Theorem

·         General Description of CAP as well as its significance by Julian Browne

·         Keynote Presentation PODC 2000 by Brewer

·         Proof of CAP by Gilbert & Lynch

·         Implications of CAP by Gilbert & Lynch




Other NO SQL Concepts


Semantic and Network relationships


Homework 3 Resources

·         WHO mortality database website

·         WHO schema description

·         My SQL WHO MDB to import (not compressed close to one Megabyte)

·         My SQL WHO MDB compressed


Sample Exams

·          Midterm Example

·         Final Example


Ramakrishan and Gehrke Text book 



Academic Integrity Policy

A commitment to the principles of academic integrity is essential to the mission of Northeastern University. The promotion of independent and original scholarship ensures that students derive the most from their educational experience and their pursuit of knowledge. Academic dishonesty violates the most fundamental values of an intellectual community and undermines the achievements of the entire University.

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