Homework Submission and Grading

The following guidelines are generic and will apply to most homework submission and are superseded by any homework-specific guidelines.

A typical homework submission will contain a tarball of all files required for building/executing the program. Each tarball must also include the following in addition to any source files:

  1. A "README" file describing:
    • instructions on how to build/run/test the submitted source code.
    • (Optional) the limitations, if any.
  2. A "Makefile" if you are submitting code. It should contain the following targets at the very least:
    • build: builds all required object/binary files.
    • check: execute any test runs as mentioned in the assignment.
    • clean: removes all object/binary files.

Submitting the homework

  1. Create a tarball from the "hw1" directory as follows:
    tar czvf hw1.tar.gz ./hw1
    Alternatively, you can use the make dist target specified in the sample Makefile.
  2. Copy the tarball from your local machine to the CCIS Linux server using scp as follows:
     scp /path/to/hw1.tar.gz CCS_USERNAME@login.ccs.neu.edu: 
    Notice the : at the end of the command.
  3. Next, you need to ssh onto CCIS Linux and submit your tarball using the submit script:
            ssh CCS_USERNAME@login.ccs.neu.edu
            /course/cs5600sp16/homework/submit-cs5600sp16-hw1 hw1.tar.gz
    Replace "hw1" with the current homework. The submit script will generate a message when successful. You should also receive an email in your CCS email account with the same message.


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