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Jan-Willem van de Meent


  • Structured Disentangled Representations (2018)
    Amazon Research, Oracle Research, Amherst, MIT, Northeastern

  • Inference and Learning with Probabilistic Programs (2016)
    Columbia, Toronto, Amherst, Northeastern, Tufts, Cambridge

  • Particle Gibbs with Ancestor Sampling for Probabilistic Programs (2014)
    Oxford, Berkeley, Stanford, Google DeepMind, NIPS Workshop on Probabilistic Programming

  • Anglican: A Probabilistic Programming Language for Forward Inference (2014) Analog Devices, Cambridge, Oxford, Microsoft Research Cambridge

  • Learning Kinetic Models from Single-Molecule Experiments (2013) NIPS Computational Biology Workshop, McGill, Berkeley, Nijmegen, Yahoo, APS March Meeting, ICML