I'm an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Northeastern University.


  • 06-11-2020 Just how private is private SGD? Our new paper tries to find out.
  • 06-11-2020 Introducing CoinPress: a practical algorithm for private mean and covariance estimation: code, paper!
  • 06-08-2020 Congratulations to Albert on his paper in IEEE S&P 2021!
  • 06-01-2020 Congratulations to Audra on her new position at Apple. We'll miss you!
  • 06-01-2020 Congratulations to Albert on his ICML 2020 paper!
  • 05-25-2020 Congratulations to Vikrant and Lydia on their COLT 2020 papers!
  • 04-15-2020 New primer on private statistics with Gautam Kamath: blog, pdf.
  • 04-14-2020 Jeff Champion is going to UT Austin for his PhD. Congrats!
  • 02-06-2020 New paper on private estimation for heavy-tailed data!
  • 02-06-2020 One paper in STOC 2020!
  • 01-30-2020 Congrats to Lydia on being named a Facebook Fellow!
  • 12-17-2019 Congrats to Jeff on being a finalist for the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award!



623 ISEC
805 Columbus Avenue
Khoury College of Computer Sciences
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02118
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I am a theoretical computer scientist. The focus of my research is how to make data analysis more reliable and better aligned with societal values. A particular focus of mine is statistical data privacy, which studies how and when we can analyze a dataset without revealing information about the individuals in that dataset. I am also interesting in how to prevent false discovery in the empirical sciences. I study these and other questions using tools from cryptography, machine learning, algorithms, and game theory.

I am a member of the Theory Group and the Cybersecurity & Privacy Institute.

My research has been generously funded by the National Science Foundation and Google.


I am fortunate to work with a number of talented students and postdocs. My current group consists of:


I've taught a number of courses, including:

I am also the proud recipient of the Ruth and Joel Spira Outstanding Teacher Award.


I have served on the program committees of many conferences, including: Oakland '21, CCS '20, ITC '20, FOCS '18, SODA '18, TCC '16, EC '16, TCC '15, STOC '15, and ITCS '15.

I also organize the Workshop on Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy

Students and Advising

I have been fortunate to work with a number of talented students and postdocs.

  • Current
  • Former
    • Audra McMillan, Postdoc, 2018–2020
      Now a research scientist at Apple
    • Jeff Champion, Undergraduate, 2018–2019, CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award Finalist
      Now a Ph.D. Student at UT Austin
    • Mitali Bafna, Undergraduate, 2016
      Now a Ph.D. Student at Harvard University


  • Organizer
  • Program Committee Member
    • Information Theoretic Cryptography (ITC) 2020
    • IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS) 2018
    • SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) 2018
    • ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC) 2016
    • Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC) 2015, 2016
    • ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) 2015
    • Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) 2015
  • Reviewer
    • International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2018
    • International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS) 2017
    • Conference on Neural and Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2016, 2017

Research Papers

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