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Problem Set 9

Due date: 3/14 @ 4:30 pm

This problem set covers abstraction and "loops" again.

HtDP Problems:

21.2.1, 21.2.2(1), 21.2.3(1)

The additional problems resume the game theme from the previous week.

Problem 4:

Design the function autos-draw, which consumes a list of Autos and places them in a 300 x 300 scene. Make the scene's background blue.

Problem 5:

Design the function autos-move, which consumes a list of Autos and produces one. In the process, it eliminates all those autos that collided with another auto.

Extra Credit Problem:

Create a world of Autos. Then add an animation function that redraws this world every .1 second. Use the functions from Problems 1 through 4.


Please explain any problems you had completing this assignment in no more than 30 words.

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