Ivan Judson

Northeastern is where I just finished my Bachelor's degree. Now I'm off to Chicago where I've been working for the past couple of years at Argonne National Lab. I'm working on a bunch of projects there, but they don't need to take up space on this page.

Some of my interests are centered around MUDs, a MUD is a text-based(for now) virtual reality, also known as a Text-Based Social Virtual Reality. There are two basic kinds of MUDs, there are game-oriented MUDs, where the entire metaphor is directing players into different ways to solve or beat some puzzle or quest. There are also MUDs that are used more for collaberation and less for gaming, these tend to be research oriented. One of the MUDs that I hang out on, which is the latter kind of MUD (mostly) is JHM. Which is a MOO the MOO programming manual, which was written for LambdaMOO is here and a valuable asset to programmers. I have a couple of projects that involve muds, MPL and LabSpace.

Suggesting Reading

Primal Myths (I forget the authoress) -- it's a compilation of creation myths from around the world. Way interesting...

Other Hangouts

  • Argonne National Lab
  • The Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIC
  • Obligatory Thigpen Pointer

    Well you know, I just wouldn't fit in without some kind of link to Hanks home page, also known as thigpen. Have I ever told you about the time he was skating backwards and landed on his CD player? Well... (it HURT!)