Concept Paper (Final)

Based on comments from Prof. Intille on your original concept paper, revise the paper. You may add up to 2 pages (for a total of 6 pages in the (SIGCHI format).

The paper should clearly describe the idea your team is pursuing for improving health or healthcare using personal health informatics. The paper should include references to relevant scientific literature and a description of the problem(s) the technology solves, the technical innovation the project demonstrates, and the technical implementation challenges have (or remain to be) overcome and how. The paper must also describe a plan for how the system will be evaluated in a way that could lead to a scientific publication. Our hope is that this paper might ultimately become the base for another paper you might submit to a conference at a later date.

As in the prior assignment, references that you find that may be of interest to anyone in the course (generally interested in health innovation and Google Glass) should be entered in Mendeley.

Hand in the following:

Send an email with your paper to Name the file in this format: [your last name].finalconceptpaper.pdf.