Assignment 8: Final Project

Team assignment

Teams must hand in a fully functioning prototype of a personal health interface system using an advanced interface technology. The prototype must be sufficiently robust for deployment in a small pilot study to commence the following semester. Teams must hand in not only the functional software/system, but also detailed documentation that would allow non-technical health students to use the technology without assistance from the development team. Achieving the required robustness and simplicity to do this (while still demonstrating innovation in design and technology) will be one of the major challenges for teams. Teams will present their final system, ideally with a live demonstration, at the final class, when experts from Northeastern and the Boston area will be invited to attend. These presentations will describe the health needs met by the proposed technology, why the proposed technology is innovative relative to existing research systems in personal health interfaces, how the technology works, how the technology has been tested, and what the team learned during the development process. Students will be provided with a template for the presentations and will be expected to have practiced the presentation in advance. Teams will also hand in a short, stand-alone video or slide documentary that shows the progression of the idea from team formation and idea conception to final result.

Finally, each team member must provide a description of how they contributed to the team project, and a description of how each of the other members of the team contributed. This description must be prepared without help from team members.

Hand in:

Teams will hand in the link to their Bitbucket team websites, which will include well organized materials such as the team presentations, instructions on running the technology, and the video or slide documentary, as well as any other information needed to understand the project or use the technology. All the code needed to run the app and instructions on how to do so should also be on the Bitbucket site. Use the wiki (or links to Google Docs from the wiki) for any additional info.

Your team will make a presentation and demo in the last class.

The team will be evaluated, in part, based on whether it is possible for a naive person to not only understand what the technology does, but also to get the prototype running solely from the materials linked from Bitbucket.

Email your slides as PPT named PHIDD-Team[TeamNumber].FinalPresentation.ppt to by the deadline so there is time to compile them before class. Each team member should individually email a document describing their contributions and teammates contributions named PHIDD-Team[TeamNumber].[Lastname].Contributions.pdf.