Assignment 6: Show something working

Team assignment

The goal of this assignment is for your team to demonstrate that you have something working related to the core technology you are using, and that you have enough material online so that a naive person would be able to run/use the rudimentary system. Think of this as creating a simple demo that someone outside of your team can easily run. You are demonstrating that you can do the technology transfer.

Part 1:

Identify one or more tricky parts of the technology that must be built using the novel user interface technology, and then build a proof-of-concept that you can do/control what you need to do/control. Use the online tools and work as a team when doing this.

Part 2:

Develop all the required materials so that someone outside of your team can be given a link and successfully (1) understand what your demo shows and does, and (2) without any assistance from you, run/use it. To accomplish this, you will need to try this with friends several times and revise your materials. This is not easy to do in most cases when using a novel interface technology.

Remember, as you work with your team from now until the end of the semester, your team should be documenting its work. Save key images, photos, videos, and other materials that you can assemble into an end-of-term video that will document how your team and the team's ideas evolved. This video will be one part of your final project packet. Think of it as a mini-documentary of your work.

Hand in:

Send an email with the subject "Assignment 6" to by noon on Wednesday. Inside should be the link to your Bitbucket page where there should everything needed for someone to understand your demo and use it. A naive user will be asked to try this in class, so please make sure you have had several people not on your team and not in the class try this before you consider yourselves done.