Assignment 4: Working Together

Team assignment

This is your first team assignment. Your goals are to setup a strategy for working together, and narrow down all the ideas that have been presented and discussed in class so far to a short list of ideas for your team.

Part 1:

Meet with your team face to face. Make it happen. It may be logistically difficult, but you must do it.

Part 2:

Develop strategies for using online tools to collaborate. You will use the tools discussed in class, but you need to assign people on your team roles.

Part 3:

Use the online tools to start to develop the team's best current idea, to be presented in class. Minimally, you must

Prepare a presentation making a convincing case that your idea is both transformative and can be achieved by your team.  Use this template.

Your goal is to demonstrate that your team is working together using the tools discussed in class, and making progress on an idea.

As you work with your team from now until the end of the semester, your team should be documenting its work. Save key images, photos, videos, and other materials that you can assemble into an end-of-term video that will document how your team and the team's ideas evolved. This video will be one part of your final project packet. Think of it as a mini-documentary of your work.

Hand in:

Send an email to titled "Assignment 4" with the link to your Bitbucket repository. The wiki on your repository should have all other information needed to access the other shared tools. It should also be possible to access your presentation. It should be clear when the group has met (and how) and when it will meet for the coming weeks (and how). Everything needed to understand the team and who is doing what should be linked from the wiki.

Please practice your presentation and make a strong pitch in class.