Assignment 3: Individual Team Concept Presentation

Individual assignment

There is one part to this assignment.

You have your team assignment. Meet with your team either in person or via teleconference. Learn about each other's backgrounds and skills. You don't need to brainstorm together about ideas. Focus the most effort on getting to know what people can and can't do, and what they most want to do.

Based on all class presentations, discussions, and readings so far, as well as meeting with your team, come up with yet another idea. This time it must be one that is appropriate for your new team to tackle. You are generating this idea on your own. Everyone on your team will have a different idea. In fact, it is best if you don't discuss particular ideas too much, to avoid biasing each other too early in the idea development process.

If the idea is a variation on one previously suggested by you or someone else, you must improve upon it (i.e., add detail, add support, respond to prior feedback the idea received).

All the same rules apply: Think big and out of the box, as discussed in Class 1. Think crazy, in the good way. Target high risk, high payoff ideas. Don't just think about death or disease, but all the other aspects of health discussed in Class 1 that could benefit from more attention. Be realistic though ... remember your team would need to build a fully-functioning version of what you propose well enough so that others could use it. Now that you know who is on your team and their skills, this is particularly important.

The slide format has changed slightly. Do not change any of the timing in the slide. It steps you through how you should present.

Develop your elevator pitch to present in class using this 2-Minute Madness template: Use this template.

Hand in:

Email your slides as PPT named PHIDD-[YourFirstName][YourLastName].2mm-IndividualTeamIdea.ppt to by the deadline so there is time to compile them before class.

Please practice both your presentations and make a strong pitch!

You will be evaluated on whether your ideas reflect that you are reading the assigned materials, listening carefully in class, and doing enough background research on your own to support your ideas. You also must demonstrate that you have practiced and polished your presentation so that you can get your ideas across in a clear and compelling way. You must demonstrate that your team has spent enough time talking with each other to understand what skills are collectively available to the team.