Assignment 3: Demo App

Team assignment

Meet with your team and develop an idea for an innovative person- or patient-facing health app that solves a real and important problem using Glass or Wear.

Setup your collaboration tools using Git and BitBucket and coordinate via those tools and your Piazza team message group.

Build some important component of your app and be prepared to do a convincing demo in class.

Prepare a short presentation that you will give before your demo. Use this template.

Your goal is to demonstrate beyond any doubt that your team has made conceptual progress, technical progress, and is using the shared development tools effectively.

As you work with your team from now until the end of the semester, your team should be documenting its work. Save key images, photos, videos, and other materials that you can assemble into an end-of-term video that will document how your team and the team's ideas evolved. This video will be one part of your final project packet. Think of it as a mini-documentary of your work.

Hand in:

All the code needed to run your app and instructions on how to do so should be on your team's BitBucket website. Use the wiki (or links to Google Docs from the wiki) for any additional info.

You will demo your app in class.

Email your slides as PPT named PHIDD-Team[TeamNumber].MirrorApp.ppt to by the deadlineso there is time to compile them before class.

Please practice your presentation and make a strong pitch.